Monday, December 5, 2011

Art Walk North Beach

Friday I was swamped with dealines and I had to ease the tension so I had one of these
It was alright not my favorite.
After I got all my work semi finished I went across the street to the North Beach Shoppes.

I had a good time this weekend hanging around in my hood. A few new places are opening up
in the North Beach Shoppes, like Ritchie Swimwear and some sunglasses place. I stopped into Mimosa Boutique to take advantage of the free booze Blake was serving and proceeded to walk around

Made it a few blocks south of 33rd to Smoke Cafe and had one of these. ( My favorite Blegian Beer)
and I left the goldfish a 5 dollar bill

Dropped into Martorano and seen Nooddles, Ciro and his girl YO CUZ

Some art @ Gallery 101

this thing was made out of paper.. and it was like $2,000 I hope those are singles!


Sunday night I came up with this pasta creation
it's baked with some tomato sauce, and a three cheese blend with panko bread crumbs.. 
it was delightful 

Then I stepped it up another notch and grilled a pork chop and then wrapped it with thick cut bacon and baked it, pork and pork WIN WIN

Hope you all have a great work week!

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