Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yesterday, GRAPHICS and FOOD

I had a productive day yesterday, started a new job with a good company and still get to work from home, which is my key to happiness.. Looking forward to Saturday Art Basel! going to hang out at Mac Fine art in Wynwood and stroll around the hood to take some photo's..

Designed this yesterday for new client is who I am doing work with.
this is for a new client who does concierge services in Ft. Laud

Here's a pic of my lovely wife, she brought me lunch yesterday from BAJA FRESH, 
it was delicious and filled me up
After the long day I walked across the street for a few drinks with friends and
snapped some food pics, heard some music and laughed a little.
here's that Tuna I found on the beach yesterday...
and some fried calamari, this is the only thing my father ever orders for an appetizer when I go out to eat with the family.. it gets old after a while.
Going down to Miami later to deliver a poster to 
CITY HALL THE RESTAURANT, Looking forward to eating there! 
Sorry no sunrise pics today my phone's alarm is a piece of shit.

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