Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waves, Beer and Food

Today I woke up a little late for the sunrise, and didnt feel like having coffee,
so I got me some of this, and then it gave me anxiety so I had to down some klonopans
Wifey decided to drag me to the beach inbetween my busy schedule,
It turned out to be a good decision to take a break and go, got some cool pics,
and the water was perfect.


I almost got it perfected...

After I came home from the beach I got invited to have lunch with an old colleague from 
Southern Wine and Spirits.
We met up @ Cafe Europa on Las Olas

We had a couple of Peroni's some Calamari, and I told the waiter to just give me a suprise dish
He chose some pancetta pasta with bacon in it, it was really good 

Topped off the Nice lunch with an espresso
Seen this Tesla Roadster on my way home, It's ELECTRIC! boogie woogie woogie 
cute little dog @ Mimosa Boutique
now its back to work!
Hope you all have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY


  1. As a fellow member of the tribe, I'd recommend at least get to know the people behind the Rockstar-company and they're views on the world, before making the decision to be a RS-consumer. Just sayin.' -AC

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  3. The guy who founded Rockstar actually has the same last name as me "Weiner" and he is a jew