Saturday, November 19, 2011

todays eats

Met up with an old friend of mine today for some business and a snack.
had the crab corn chowder @ fishtails with some of BONE LEE'S hot sauce, It was good
but could have used more CRABMEAT!
I came back to the office and I was working and I decided to make a skirt steak sandwich on grilled focaccia bread with raw onions, it was cooked perfectly but I had no cheeeese...
I also threw in some pita chips for a side...

An old friend came to town that is friends with me and my brother, they invited me to Las Vegas Cuban, which is right over the bridge from me on Oakland Park Blvd. I was not even hungry, Just wanted to eat more.. I think I have an eating disorder

These pork chops were delicious though I scarfed them down in under 5 mins..

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