Wednesday, November 16, 2011

some food and stuff

Sorry no sunrise pics today I missed the alarm. Here's some of my view from yesterday and today.

Craft's new homestyle mac and cheese with breadcrumbs, had to put it in the oven for a few mins after making it. Came out very good, could have used more oven time though.
plus it was buy one get one free @ Winndixie which is a stone's throw from my apartment.
I utilized some coupons since I have been watching that show Extreme Couponing so It's more like WINNINGDIXIE! I saved 39.93!

Yesterday I met up with a friend/business associate over at HOTTLEGGZ for some dinner,
I had some wings and a few beers, Drifter Pale Ale
Double dipped jerk wings (double dipped in the frier)
It was Maria's Birthday @ Archies last night, the boys from Martorano's
 came by with a birthday surprise..

Then walked over to Fishtales to check out the bands for Open Jam night which is Every Tuesday
this guy facial expression was saying - why the fuck are u taking my picture, he looked excited

This wine is good! Flip Flop Cabernet Sauvignon -  WINNING DIXIE had it on sale 2 for 9.99

Tonight I am chilling home wining and dining with myself, then doing some work 
have a good night!

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