Saturday, November 19, 2011

Movies and Thai Food

Last night I decided to stay indoors and watch some movies
and ordered some take out from  Thai to Go Express. Needless to say I enjoyed everything
I ordered as usual. The drunken noodles with chicken was something I have never tried, and it was sooo good I ate the whole thing. Also pictured is the Curry Puffs
(ground chicken, sweet potato, peas, carrots)

I ended up watching this movie 

Hey whatyaknow it had something to do with food. It wasn't a bad movie
it showed the whole behind the scene's of the "fast food nation". It seemed pretty believeable
and it was entertaining. The I stumbled upon this STUPID FUCKIN MOVIE
Staten Island. I wasted like 30 mins trying to watch it then I had to cut it off.
I think it's an embarrassing way to portray Staten Island. I have family from there
and I am quite sure they agree with my opinion of this FAIL.

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