Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had another busy day in paradise, Got allot accomplished today. I had a late lunch
decided to walk downstairs to Subway (it's literally right downstairs) gotta love the convenience
of living where I do. I won't go into all the details of all the amenities I have at 
a stone's throw away from my apartment.
After I had one of the best turkey subs a sandwich artist created for me, I headed to my buddies sign shop to pick up a mounted poster I had created for City Hall The Restaurant.
My friend Eric who runs the place and he had been working on some Art Basel stuff, he
was kind enough to give me some VIP passes to a gallery show @ the Ice palace Film Studios in the Design District that me and wifey will attend on Saturday.
After I got all my work done well most of it anyway, me and my wife grabbed our passports and went to Miami.
On the way to dinner we were driving through the design district and stumbled upon some
guys from Brooklyn doing work, Pre Basel
They were cool, I introduced myself and got their tag names but forgot them already

ahh we finally made it. I met Steve Haas the Owner of the place very cool guy and 
he's a JEW :)
The menu has some pretty tasty sounding selections
Braised Shortrib in Baked Potato, it was delicious tucked into a crunchy potato skin
This was one of the specials, fresh salmon whipped to a cream with an olive tapanede on top
2 happy WEINERS Too bad the photographer couldn't be me the pic came out a little blurry
maybe the settings were off, oh well.
My main course was smashing! the mac and cheese was ridiculously good, and the meatloaf topped with onion ring crunchies was awesome.
WifeyWeiner got a greek style Skirt Steak topped with Feta Cheese and Green Olives.
It was another dish that was undeniably good.
After we stuffed our faces I decided to stop by my friend Alfredo's place which was 2 blocks away
Bin No. 18 we were going to have some wine but decided not to and made the treck back home.
It was a good day, a good dinner and a good time with my wife.
see youz in the morning for another beautiful sunrise!

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