Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another weekend gone

Thanksgiving was great this year, It was the first time my parents held it at their house in a long time.
We usually drive up North to my cousins in Wellington. The Turkey, ham and all the fixins were
perfect. I got to see my niecey Sophia, my uncle Bert and my brother Mike. It was also the first time me and my wife Klajda (pronounced KLYDA) celebrated Thanksgiving together, the only people missing were the rest of the family in Staten Island and my son Chris.

Wifey and Sophia
Mama Weiner carving the turkey that she bought pre-cooked
White meat yes please

HoneyBaked ham, of course JEWS EAT HAM

this was all I ate, I was full from beer

Sophia is photogenic LOVE HER

she was eating this cannoli before dinner.. (no she isn't spoiled)
The Weiners (and a Levine)
Rocky's chillin'
We started diggin into the old picture albums, and my Barmitzvah Pics. These are my cousins from Staten Island, Randy and Barbara
I dont remember one word from the Torah nowadays..
Aunt Dorothy, Randy, Barbara and me. The theme to my Bartmitzvah was very unique at the time "GRAFFITI" The party planners said they have never heard of a graffiti themed barmitzvah.
So I changed the game! 
after all the reminiscing, we had some coffee and Cannoli's and drove back to the East side of town.

The next morning I found this when I was walking the beach waiting for the sunrise.
No message in it though I was bummed.
The really good part about having thanksgiving at my moms is I finally got some fuckin leftovers!
Everytime we ate at my cousins in Wellington I never got shit to take home..
I got some fresh focaccia bread from Winndixie and made this open face sammich
discovered these @ Winndixie also, pretty good if you like coconut.

My wife has a friend in town from up North and she's has been spending the whole weekend with her.
So Friday Night I hit the block (33rd ST.) 
This heeb is good at what he does
Stopped by Smoke Cafe, and my buddy was eating this, I had to grab one.. It was from Arjans
Lori Ann and Angel, keeping me full of beer @ fishtales
some bikes
My buddies, Angel, Angie and Chelsey
Andy G and the band rockin it lightly @ Fishtales
After Friday, I pretty much stayed in all weekend and watched movies.

Here's SUNDAY MORNING'S rise pics

hope u all have a great week ahead of you



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