Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had another busy day in paradise, Got allot accomplished today. I had a late lunch
decided to walk downstairs to Subway (it's literally right downstairs) gotta love the convenience
of living where I do. I won't go into all the details of all the amenities I have at 
a stone's throw away from my apartment.
After I had one of the best turkey subs a sandwich artist created for me, I headed to my buddies sign shop to pick up a mounted poster I had created for City Hall The Restaurant.
My friend Eric who runs the place and he had been working on some Art Basel stuff, he
was kind enough to give me some VIP passes to a gallery show @ the Ice palace Film Studios in the Design District that me and wifey will attend on Saturday.
After I got all my work done well most of it anyway, me and my wife grabbed our passports and went to Miami.
On the way to dinner we were driving through the design district and stumbled upon some
guys from Brooklyn doing work, Pre Basel
They were cool, I introduced myself and got their tag names but forgot them already

ahh we finally made it. I met Steve Haas the Owner of the place very cool guy and 
he's a JEW :)
The menu has some pretty tasty sounding selections
Braised Shortrib in Baked Potato, it was delicious tucked into a crunchy potato skin
This was one of the specials, fresh salmon whipped to a cream with an olive tapanede on top
2 happy WEINERS Too bad the photographer couldn't be me the pic came out a little blurry
maybe the settings were off, oh well.
My main course was smashing! the mac and cheese was ridiculously good, and the meatloaf topped with onion ring crunchies was awesome.
WifeyWeiner got a greek style Skirt Steak topped with Feta Cheese and Green Olives.
It was another dish that was undeniably good.
After we stuffed our faces I decided to stop by my friend Alfredo's place which was 2 blocks away
Bin No. 18 we were going to have some wine but decided not to and made the treck back home.
It was a good day, a good dinner and a good time with my wife.
see youz in the morning for another beautiful sunrise!

Yesterday, GRAPHICS and FOOD

I had a productive day yesterday, started a new job with a good company and still get to work from home, which is my key to happiness.. Looking forward to Saturday Art Basel! going to hang out at Mac Fine art in Wynwood and stroll around the hood to take some photo's..

Designed this yesterday for new client is who I am doing work with.
this is for a new client who does concierge services in Ft. Laud

Here's a pic of my lovely wife, she brought me lunch yesterday from BAJA FRESH, 
it was delicious and filled me up
After the long day I walked across the street for a few drinks with friends and
snapped some food pics, heard some music and laughed a little.
here's that Tuna I found on the beach yesterday...
and some fried calamari, this is the only thing my father ever orders for an appetizer when I go out to eat with the family.. it gets old after a while.
Going down to Miami later to deliver a poster to 
CITY HALL THE RESTAURANT, Looking forward to eating there! 
Sorry no sunrise pics today my phone's alarm is a piece of shit.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ain't no Sunrise when it's cold

This morning was a bit chilly outside, I got to the beach and the tide was super low,
and it was almost as calm as a lake. So many shells! at one point I thought I was in Sanibel.

Some fresh Tuna! looks like a shark or some other giant fish got a hold of this one.
Some of my friends think it is gay to collect shells or go shelling, but I still get a kick
out of it. Brings me back to my youth, and when I find a good one it's like gold!

Here is todays bounty
I don't know WTF I am going to do with all of these but I will figure out something to do with them creatively.

Here's the stash so far..
 hope u all have a good day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Sunrise 11.28.11

The tide was very low today allot of sand, shells and clouds...
 I hope u all have a great week! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am not a football fanatic, but I do like me some booze. I was watching some Anthony Bordain
episode where he was talking about how good his gin and tonic was so I had to get me some.
I walked to my local watering hole Sunday and had many of these pictured below.

caught this fresh chevy on the block..
Mushroom and swiss burger, I didn't eat it my buddy did.
After like 10 gin and tonics I was feeling ok.. little bit of heart burn but that didn't stop me.
this bike was pretty cool..   

Sun was  setting, and the football kept playing. (which I don't give 2 fucks about) just sayin.
My friend decided to take me for a trip down the beach to where his girl worked and I got this
Rum Concoction. I could barley drink it, It was strong as F*CK. At this point I was ready for bed.
and here I am about to pass out. Sunrise coming soon!

Another weekend gone

Thanksgiving was great this year, It was the first time my parents held it at their house in a long time.
We usually drive up North to my cousins in Wellington. The Turkey, ham and all the fixins were
perfect. I got to see my niecey Sophia, my uncle Bert and my brother Mike. It was also the first time me and my wife Klajda (pronounced KLYDA) celebrated Thanksgiving together, the only people missing were the rest of the family in Staten Island and my son Chris.

Wifey and Sophia
Mama Weiner carving the turkey that she bought pre-cooked
White meat yes please

HoneyBaked ham, of course JEWS EAT HAM

this was all I ate, I was full from beer

Sophia is photogenic LOVE HER

she was eating this cannoli before dinner.. (no she isn't spoiled)
The Weiners (and a Levine)
Rocky's chillin'
We started diggin into the old picture albums, and my Barmitzvah Pics. These are my cousins from Staten Island, Randy and Barbara
I dont remember one word from the Torah nowadays..
Aunt Dorothy, Randy, Barbara and me. The theme to my Bartmitzvah was very unique at the time "GRAFFITI" The party planners said they have never heard of a graffiti themed barmitzvah.
So I changed the game! 
after all the reminiscing, we had some coffee and Cannoli's and drove back to the East side of town.

The next morning I found this when I was walking the beach waiting for the sunrise.
No message in it though I was bummed.
The really good part about having thanksgiving at my moms is I finally got some fuckin leftovers!
Everytime we ate at my cousins in Wellington I never got shit to take home..
I got some fresh focaccia bread from Winndixie and made this open face sammich
discovered these @ Winndixie also, pretty good if you like coconut.

My wife has a friend in town from up North and she's has been spending the whole weekend with her.
So Friday Night I hit the block (33rd ST.) 
This heeb is good at what he does
Stopped by Smoke Cafe, and my buddy was eating this, I had to grab one.. It was from Arjans
Lori Ann and Angel, keeping me full of beer @ fishtales
some bikes
My buddies, Angel, Angie and Chelsey
Andy G and the band rockin it lightly @ Fishtales
After Friday, I pretty much stayed in all weekend and watched movies.

Here's SUNDAY MORNING'S rise pics

hope u all have a great week ahead of you