Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a treat. I never go to Rustic in unless I have family in from New York or if it's my father's birthday, and Lena has never been there, also wanted to celebrate my almost 1 full year of sobriety. Rustic in oh how I have missed you so much, We started off with a dozen oysters with the horseraddish and cocktail sauce, daaaam fkn goooood!. We ordered another dozen some of the best oysters I have ever had hands down. Then it was down to the Alaskin Kingz! which are pre-sliced in halfs so you have to do no work at all just get the meat and eat.
Lena got the crab leg sampler which has garlic crabs, alaskin queen legs, and some other ones that I forgot. Garlic crabs were the best of the sampler for sure. What other way to end that meal but with some Key lime pie, we shared a nice slice of cool refreshing key lime pie, doesnt get any better then this!!  if it does let me know...Oh yea I almost forgot being the JEW that I am I got a IN the BIZ discount because I mentioned that I made their drink menu... -$25...