Sunday, April 4, 2010


Thursday I made it back out to SoLita again for TAI Entertainment's Thursday night party with DJ Anthony Pisano and a special appearance by Casely who has a hit song on power 96 by the name of "sweat". I met up with Lena and Denise and Wes, and I got the same little table
by the bar, and we sat there and people watched, then we ordered some pizza's.
These pizza's are fuckin awsome, made by a friend of mine in the kitchen by the name of
David Frocione, We got one with meatballs and ricotta cheese and it was medium sized but
much tastier then any coal fired Pizza and it has a thin crispy crust... perfect.
We also had a taste of the Meat Pizza which came with assorted meats and cheese..
After that settled in our stomach's for a bit, it was time to order something else, I opted for the Shrimp SoLita again, it is a good dish and the shrimp are large with some spicy pesto flavor..
The room got packed around 10:30 the music was loud and the women were hott.
this spot is hot on Thursday nights!...

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