Saturday, April 10, 2010


OK So me Lena and Denise went out Friday looking to have some fun so we thought we'd try Boomers in Dania. So we got in the area and wanted to eat something and we went to Dave and Busters. What a mistake, D&B is nothing but DINING FAILure.  Denise had some ranch dressing spilled all over her foot by a stupid ass waiter and I ordered a steak that tasted like a fuckin shoe with sweet sauce on top. It's like a walmart style fridays. D&B SUCKS!.
We did end up getting a discounted check for the mishap with the ranch dressing though...

After the shittiest dinner I've had in months we drove across the street to Boomers.
this place is the worst. Half the games inside do not work, It smelled like backseat of an old ass caprice and the atmosphere was just SHIT. After we attempted to find some games that worked we made it out to the put put course. It was dark, and everything looked like kendall after the eye of hurricane andrew just hit. After that we made it to the cart track, and this actually was fun,. the go carts aren't super fast but the course is long and you can drift around the turns.
Glad that was fun because everything else was such a dissapointment.

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