Thursday, April 1, 2010

New York Strip

I got an invite to this new Strip Club/Steak House, from some friends at work. So I told my friend Lena and her sister Denise about it and they came chose to come along with me on Tuesday night. This place seems classy,
and they put some money into it, they have this huge digital screen that spans across the back of the club that emits colors and bright graphics, the stage is in the center of the club with 3 transparent stripper poles,
and VIP rooms and nice and cozy with leather couches and flat screen monitors. They had a wonderful buffet to feed the army of people that attended, some good pasta's, meatballs, steak tidbits, giant shrimp cocktail, sliced filet mignon burgers, and they even had a KOSHER corner,
for Passover that I thought was the icing on the cake. I met up with work collegues and sipped on some sparkling pellegrino and enjoyed the music and eye candy for a few hours and then called it a night.

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