Sunday, April 18, 2010


I picked up mini me on Friday on my way home from work, and that's the same night we joined Lena, Denise and Wes to see Kick Ass. Saturday morning I went for my usual bike trip and when I got back Chris and I walked over to Denny's for some grub, I had an egg white omelet and he had a grand slamwich with some chocolate milk. After we walked back from Denny's We drove over to Pearl's for some additional markers to do some graffiti on the gloomy day.
Saturday Night we went over to my friend Jane's in Boca and before we got there stopped for some subway, Chris got to play with Jane's kids Gage and Grace while me and Jane went out for a birthday party dinner which was fun. Chris behaved and I had a great weekend hangin with him.

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