Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday night I got invited by my friend Jane to accompany her as her date to a
birthday party for one of her co-workers at Dada in Delray. I got introduced to all of the
people she works with who were all very pleasant and comforting people...So we all sat and dined in a private room at DADA. I actually did allot of print work for this place over the past years at work and never had the chance to actually go to the place. It's funky and cool, an old house transformed into an artsy restaurant, with a bunch of inked up employees. So we sat for dinner and had to select our eats from a minimized menu for the party. They started us off with some cheese fondue with bread, fruit and veggies which was pretty good and we also had some Mediterranean appetizers with tabouli, pita and keftedes.I opted for the guava chicken for the main course, it was basic with broccoli, mashed potatoes and some light gravy, and some guava sauce for dipping the chicken. For some reason I expected something different but it was ok. I got to try Jane's pasta dish which was pretty delightful with some thick cream sauce on top. All in all my experience there was ok., I would probably have to go back there and eat something off the main menu to give it a thumbs up. After dinner the party moved down the street to Delux, a night club off Atlantic. The dj was playing some good dance music and the  all of ladies were dancing and had a great time. Thanks Jane! and all of your supercool friends/co-workers..

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