Sunday, April 4, 2010


Friday night me and the gang decides to go Hibachi and we went over to Benihana, which is a stone's throw away from my pad. We got there and had to wait around 15-20 mins which is not too bad, and we got seated with a view of the intracoastal waterway. The tables are set up in this place are not comfortable at all. They are all 2 feet away from eachother and your elbows are almost touching the person next to you. I ordered Hibachi Chateaubriand which is 8.5 ounces of center cut tenderloin* and mushrooms lightly seasoned and grilled with garlic butter. It was delightful, and the fried rice and everything else was good. But they do use a ton of butter on everything which I wasn't to fond of.
After dinner we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine. This movie is definately going to be another cult classic, I laughed 75% of the movie It is definately funny I would recommend to go see it if you haven't already. FunnyasFuck!

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