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Sunday, April 25, 2010


This place is a hiddem gem. Well not that hidden but it is fresh, with a clean bamboo interior
and new with spicy fresh dishes, I dined with the rents once again on Saturday night @ yet
another spot close to my home. It is located one block west of A1A on Commercial Blvd. Started off with some crispy calamari and shrimp app which was fresh and crunchy with a super spicy dipping sauce. For my main I had the crispy beef dish which consisted of a bed of crispy noodles topped with beef and veggies and a light sauce atop It was really good, was not lacking in  the flavour department. My pops had the same dish but with seafood, and my momz had a salmon dish with rice and veggies, she had said it was some of the best salmon she has ever had. Going there again later...


Friday I got to spend an evening dining @ my parents favorite Mexican spot,
which is a few miles from my place, Tequila Sunrise. Lena also joined us for some
gourmet mexican. I had sesame mahi mexican style off the specials menu,
and mexcian ceviche. Lena had the Mexican meatloaf which was fkn awsome...

mexican meatloaf, mexican ceviche, on the bottom was my mahi dish.


Thursday was the white and denim party @ Solita Las Olas, it was poppin most definately.
Lena Denise and I sat by the bar tables and had a white pizza, some brussel sprouts and cauliflower gratin... delicious!!...crowd was hott as usual and the food was outstanding...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


MAXXIS Tyres BDC Round 1 - SILVERSTONE from Stephen Brooks on Vimeo.


Audi R8 Spyder - ABT from Loniek on Vimeo.



Over 400 eye-popping photos provide a decade-long tour of graffiti in New York City. Walls, trucks, and subway cars are featured with graffiti by the crews X-Men, KD, TNB, 156, RIS, AOK, TC-5, FAME CITY, COD, XTC, TFP, MCI, IF, DYM, 718, TD4, SMART, TATS CRU, FLY-ID, GFR, AKB, and many more. Because New York City has made a concerted effort to remove graffiti from the city, the images captured here will never be seen again. Walls were repainted and some buildings were demolished, keeping graffiti crews working fast to keep ahead of the trend. The author worked even faster to capture their ephemeral efforts. If you have a fascination with urban life and colorful expression, this book is definitely for you.

Also check our blog daily for news and updates


all of the goods



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Funny how the way I found out about his death was on fb, by some people who probably didn't even listen to his music back in the day. Buncha bandwagon jumpers. I grew up with hip hop music and it was my way of life for a majority of my early years, GURU will go down in history as one of the true classic legends of Hip Hop Music. RIP

Monday, April 19, 2010



This is fuckn awsome! LMAO. more information here

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Saturday night I got invited by my friend Jane to accompany her as her date to a
birthday party for one of her co-workers at Dada in Delray. I got introduced to all of the
people she works with who were all very pleasant and comforting people...So we all sat and dined in a private room at DADA. I actually did allot of print work for this place over the past years at work and never had the chance to actually go to the place. It's funky and cool, an old house transformed into an artsy restaurant, with a bunch of inked up employees. So we sat for dinner and had to select our eats from a minimized menu for the party. They started us off with some cheese fondue with bread, fruit and veggies which was pretty good and we also had some Mediterranean appetizers with tabouli, pita and keftedes.I opted for the guava chicken for the main course, it was basic with broccoli, mashed potatoes and some light gravy, and some guava sauce for dipping the chicken. For some reason I expected something different but it was ok. I got to try Jane's pasta dish which was pretty delightful with some thick cream sauce on top. All in all my experience there was ok., I would probably have to go back there and eat something off the main menu to give it a thumbs up. After dinner the party moved down the street to Delux, a night club off Atlantic. The dj was playing some good dance music and the  all of ladies were dancing and had a great time. Thanks Jane! and all of your supercool friends/co-workers..


I picked up mini me on Friday on my way home from work, and that's the same night we joined Lena, Denise and Wes to see Kick Ass. Saturday morning I went for my usual bike trip and when I got back Chris and I walked over to Denny's for some grub, I had an egg white omelet and he had a grand slamwich with some chocolate milk. After we walked back from Denny's We drove over to Pearl's for some additional markers to do some graffiti on the gloomy day.
Saturday Night we went over to my friend Jane's in Boca and before we got there stopped for some subway, Chris got to play with Jane's kids Gage and Grace while me and Jane went out for a birthday party dinner which was fun. Chris behaved and I had a great weekend hangin with him.


Wow. I really had my doubts about this movie and I didn't even want to go see it because I thought it was some stupid kids movie. I had it all wrong. This rated R flick is exactly as titled "KICK ASS", It was fuckin awsome. The little 11 yr old "hit girl" stole the show. She had some great adult oriented lines during the film. The violence was also a plus because it was funny as it was grusome. go see this filM it is a must see and Im sure this will be another cult classic

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OneofOne x Formula Drift x Fatlace Round 1 Streets Of LB from Daniel Kruthanooch on Vimeo.

Another nicely done vid by the guys over @ hellaflush, fatlace and formula d. FULL SCREEN AND turn up volume...


Art of Formula D: 2009 Retrospective from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

Great Video, FULL SCREEN IT and turn the volume up...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Sunday was a gloomy rainy day in sunny South Florida, and I happened to have an appointment
to get my sleeve worked on again. Made the trek West to Coral Springs to Colorfast Studios.
where Vince (the owner) finished up some cherry blossoms near my elbow... Slowly but surely this tattoo is getting done...Just wish it was more fast like the name in the logo COLORFAST. :)
anyways it's always fun getting tattooed by a friend and one who makes you laugh while you are in pain.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


What a treat. I never go to Rustic in unless I have family in from New York or if it's my father's birthday, and Lena has never been there, also wanted to celebrate my almost 1 full year of sobriety. Rustic in oh how I have missed you so much, We started off with a dozen oysters with the horseraddish and cocktail sauce, daaaam fkn goooood!. We ordered another dozen some of the best oysters I have ever had hands down. Then it was down to the Alaskin Kingz! which are pre-sliced in halfs so you have to do no work at all just get the meat and eat.
Lena got the crab leg sampler which has garlic crabs, alaskin queen legs, and some other ones that I forgot. Garlic crabs were the best of the sampler for sure. What other way to end that meal but with some Key lime pie, we shared a nice slice of cool refreshing key lime pie, doesnt get any better then this!!  if it does let me know...Oh yea I almost forgot being the JEW that I am I got a IN the BIZ discount because I mentioned that I made their drink menu... -$25...


OK So me Lena and Denise went out Friday looking to have some fun so we thought we'd try Boomers in Dania. So we got in the area and wanted to eat something and we went to Dave and Busters. What a mistake, D&B is nothing but DINING FAILure.  Denise had some ranch dressing spilled all over her foot by a stupid ass waiter and I ordered a steak that tasted like a fuckin shoe with sweet sauce on top. It's like a walmart style fridays. D&B SUCKS!.
We did end up getting a discounted check for the mishap with the ranch dressing though...

After the shittiest dinner I've had in months we drove across the street to Boomers.
this place is the worst. Half the games inside do not work, It smelled like backseat of an old ass caprice and the atmosphere was just SHIT. After we attempted to find some games that worked we made it out to the put put course. It was dark, and everything looked like kendall after the eye of hurricane andrew just hit. After that we made it to the cart track, and this actually was fun,. the go carts aren't super fast but the course is long and you can drift around the turns.
Glad that was fun because everything else was such a dissapointment.


Thursday night was hot again at Solia Las Olas. I had the opportunity to dine with a good friend
who had a table of 10, which included me and Lena, The VP of the Miami Heat, Tim. and
some CEO's with some model type accomplaces we ate family style and tried almost
every  special that was offered. Veal, seabass meatballs  brussel  
sprouts, some pasta with bacon, cauliflower gratin...yea it was a any food fans wet dream.. The food is amazing and the atmosphere goes with the quality of the food.
Anthony Pisano spins while the party goers sip. I jacked these pictures from Scotty at TAI entertainment. Thanks Pal!...see youz next thursday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I think these past few weeks my business has been picking up for the better.
getting tons of work which is good on my pockets. Here's a car wash logo van wrap I designed for a friend the other day...came out nice.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Found this cool ad for KRINK markers and Inks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

2011 SCION TC!

I have been waiting a long time to finally see this.
Im happy with what Five Axis did with the new Scion, and with 20inch wheels it looks super fresh inspired by A Samurai. It comes with 20 more horses, and 18 inch wheels stock..also has a USB which I really need. I'm ready to trade my old one in...


Saturday, took the bike for a ride down A1A I went south first and hit Las Olas, then I came back up north past Commercial up to Atlantic, and then I made it all the way up to Hillsborough Blvd, which was a trek. I took some breaks in-between the miles, I think the total amount of miles I biked was around 35 or so. The pics are in order the first is Ft. Laud beach second Commercial pier, third is Deerfield pier...


Friday night me and the gang decides to go Hibachi and we went over to Benihana, which is a stone's throw away from my pad. We got there and had to wait around 15-20 mins which is not too bad, and we got seated with a view of the intracoastal waterway. The tables are set up in this place are not comfortable at all. They are all 2 feet away from eachother and your elbows are almost touching the person next to you. I ordered Hibachi Chateaubriand which is 8.5 ounces of center cut tenderloin* and mushrooms lightly seasoned and grilled with garlic butter. It was delightful, and the fried rice and everything else was good. But they do use a ton of butter on everything which I wasn't to fond of.
After dinner we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine. This movie is definately going to be another cult classic, I laughed 75% of the movie It is definately funny I would recommend to go see it if you haven't already. FunnyasFuck!


Thursday I made it back out to SoLita again for TAI Entertainment's Thursday night party with DJ Anthony Pisano and a special appearance by Casely who has a hit song on power 96 by the name of "sweat". I met up with Lena and Denise and Wes, and I got the same little table
by the bar, and we sat there and people watched, then we ordered some pizza's.
These pizza's are fuckin awsome, made by a friend of mine in the kitchen by the name of
David Frocione, We got one with meatballs and ricotta cheese and it was medium sized but
much tastier then any coal fired Pizza and it has a thin crispy crust... perfect.
We also had a taste of the Meat Pizza which came with assorted meats and cheese..
After that settled in our stomach's for a bit, it was time to order something else, I opted for the Shrimp SoLita again, it is a good dish and the shrimp are large with some spicy pesto flavor..
The room got packed around 10:30 the music was loud and the women were hott.
this spot is hot on Thursday nights!...