Friday, March 26, 2010


I finally got out and did something Thursday night. I went to SoLita off Las Olas, to attend a Thursday night party there held by TAI Entertainment (friends of mine).
The scene was mellow when I arrived at around 8:30, and I bumped into a few friends.
I happened to know one of the cooks who use to work for Southern Wine Dave Forcione it was cool to see him, then I ran into Janene and her friends at a table by the back entrance and they invited me to sit with them and try some pork meatballs with some rigatoni pasta, good stuff. A short while later Scotty boy arrived of (TAI ent)
and we were hanging out shooting the shit, while the crowd got bigger and the music got louder. A friend of mine and business client Gillian showed up (the inventor of Dine-A-Light) Ordered me some food and sent it to my table, She sent the Shrimp SoLita which were fairly large and had a spicy kick to them with a some sort of creamy dipping sauce. Then I got to try a meatball pizza with ricotta cheese which was fuckin amazing, washed it all down with some pellegrino sparkling water since Im not a drinker... all in all the night was a success, will def be back next week.

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