Sunday, March 21, 2010


This weekend has been pretty dam good,
Started off @ Cafe Martorano Friday night with a business dinner/meeting with a client of mine who is the inventer of dine-a-light, a light that
illuminates menus in dim lit venues. WWW.DINEALIGHT.COM
The food is always top notch at Martorano's, we had
a few meatballs, some sweet and spicy shrimp, pizza, martorano salad,
mozzarella and prociutto, some pasta with chicken,
and another chicken dish I do not recall the name of.
But dam that was a good meal, thanks Gillian!...
sorry no pics!

Saturday I got a chance to go do some graff in a co-worker's son's room.
I didn't have anything thing planned but to do his name
in graffiti, and I had no idea what colors I was going to use.
they were happy with it, I was not as happy with the finished product..
It has been a while since I picked up a can of paint..

on my way home I stopped in @ Pomperdales Deli,
which is a block or two away from my place and I got a roast beef samich,
with spicy mustard, on whole weat bread.
It was damm good I will definately be going back to this authentic deli.

Then to Saturday night me and Lena dined out at Bonefish grill and had
waited a very long time to eat which was not too pleasant, and then
our food was delayed 30mins due to new cooks in the kitchen.
we got a free appetizer and dessert for the mishap.
Starbucks was our next stop for the night, caramel macchiato!!!

Denise, Lena's sister had invited us to go with her and her man to
Omalley's Sports bar to see a band play that she represents,
they were good they go by the name of ILLSTRUCK. It's always nice
to go to a venue and see my artwork there on a menu that I designed...

Scored some turkey legs at Windixie sunday morning!
wooorddd up!@

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