Saturday, March 27, 2010

Geronimos Bar and Grill Davie

Friday I was really tired, from thursday along with waking up so early for the gym.
I got a call from Ralph a friend of mine who I also do some work for and he invited me to go with him to another friend's Restaurant for dinner. Geronimo's in Davie,
I sat with Ralph and his soon to be wife and another dude that I forgot the name of.
The food @ Geronimo's is always awsome. I once had the Chicken Macadamia there which has a strawberry sauce and macadamia nuts on top, it was a hit with me.
Last night I chose a Black and Blue ribeye medium rare, which came along side some red potatoes, this steak was awsome, a little on the fatty side but with the feta
crumbles on it and how it was cooked made it awsome. I'd order it again for sure.
Then Geronimo chatted with us about some of the old brawls that use to go down at his place and how he used to beat the crap out of people who tried to fuck with him at his own establishment... Good times good eats...

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