Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Night

My friend Lena and I, decided to go out to dinner.
We went to TJ's which is right by my place. We started off with a Kobe roll
which is the picture where it seems to be burried with crispy toppings,
it is seared tuna with some sauce on top. Then she ordered the sashimi dinner,
and I opted for the Tuna Steak which was awsome. Seared on the outside raw on the inside with three dipping sauces to chose from. A peanut sauce, ginger sauce, and
a wasabi cream sauce. TJ's is a great place it is dark, and mellow and they play cool music while you dine there. Service is also good.

When you are sober there are fun things to do at night on a friday like go to a
24hr walmart. And buy things you really need!
I got a garbage can and a laundry basket this time around...

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