Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today I had the chance to go down to Miami on my lunch break to meet with someone
about some business. Smith and Wollensky is where I ended up, and what a perfect day it was to dine outside on the water leading to downtown miami.
I never had the chance to dine there so this was a treat for me. We started off with some tuna tataki, which was some of the best tuna I have ever had anywhere,
then we had a flatbread pizza with shrimp and avocado, nice...then I had a bone-in ribeye for my main course, I ordered it medium rare and it sure was rare in the center. I think it was mediocre, I should've asked for it medium. But I guess it was my mistake. Anyways I am glad I had the chance to try a steak there at least..

This past weekend was eventfull, got out a bit did some eating.
Saturday Night I went to Teejay's in Ft. Lauderdale for some healthy
food. I had a tuna steak which the first time aound was not cooked the right way
and I had to return it. It was ok not as good as previous times and not the best.
Lena had a sashimi boat like she usually gets, it's usually really good fish
but I didn't have any this time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Geronimos Bar and Grill Davie

Friday I was really tired, from thursday along with waking up so early for the gym.
I got a call from Ralph a friend of mine who I also do some work for and he invited me to go with him to another friend's Restaurant for dinner. Geronimo's in Davie,
I sat with Ralph and his soon to be wife and another dude that I forgot the name of.
The food @ Geronimo's is always awsome. I once had the Chicken Macadamia there which has a strawberry sauce and macadamia nuts on top, it was a hit with me.
Last night I chose a Black and Blue ribeye medium rare, which came along side some red potatoes, this steak was awsome, a little on the fatty side but with the feta
crumbles on it and how it was cooked made it awsome. I'd order it again for sure.
Then Geronimo chatted with us about some of the old brawls that use to go down at his place and how he used to beat the crap out of people who tried to fuck with him at his own establishment... Good times good eats...

Friday, March 26, 2010


I finally got out and did something Thursday night. I went to SoLita off Las Olas, to attend a Thursday night party there held by TAI Entertainment (friends of mine).
The scene was mellow when I arrived at around 8:30, and I bumped into a few friends.
I happened to know one of the cooks who use to work for Southern Wine Dave Forcione it was cool to see him, then I ran into Janene and her friends at a table by the back entrance and they invited me to sit with them and try some pork meatballs with some rigatoni pasta, good stuff. A short while later Scotty boy arrived of (TAI ent)
and we were hanging out shooting the shit, while the crowd got bigger and the music got louder. A friend of mine and business client Gillian showed up (the inventor of Dine-A-Light) Ordered me some food and sent it to my table, She sent the Shrimp SoLita which were fairly large and had a spicy kick to them with a some sort of creamy dipping sauce. Then I got to try a meatball pizza with ricotta cheese which was fuckin amazing, washed it all down with some pellegrino sparkling water since Im not a drinker... all in all the night was a success, will def be back next week.


I saw these enticing commercials on TV last week, about the Reebok Zigtechs,
they say in the commercial the shoes are like an energy drink for your feet,
and they look cool with the zigging pattern on the bottom.
I went out and purchased a pair of these modern, slick looking kicks.
They do feel good to walk in, and I had to do a little sprint in them to
test the energy thing out...Not bad they definately are different and are very comfortable. I have been wearing them for almost a week now.

Wednesday night I went to get my sleeve worked on again by Vince of Colorfast Studios in Coral Springs, who does some sick art as you can see. He finished up the skull on my arm, and threw some cherry blossoms in at the top. Still have some more to do...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


This weekend has been pretty dam good,
Started off @ Cafe Martorano Friday night with a business dinner/meeting with a client of mine who is the inventer of dine-a-light, a light that
illuminates menus in dim lit venues. WWW.DINEALIGHT.COM
The food is always top notch at Martorano's, we had
a few meatballs, some sweet and spicy shrimp, pizza, martorano salad,
mozzarella and prociutto, some pasta with chicken,
and another chicken dish I do not recall the name of.
But dam that was a good meal, thanks Gillian!...
sorry no pics!

Saturday I got a chance to go do some graff in a co-worker's son's room.
I didn't have anything thing planned but to do his name
in graffiti, and I had no idea what colors I was going to use.
they were happy with it, I was not as happy with the finished product..
It has been a while since I picked up a can of paint..

on my way home I stopped in @ Pomperdales Deli,
which is a block or two away from my place and I got a roast beef samich,
with spicy mustard, on whole weat bread.
It was damm good I will definately be going back to this authentic deli.

Then to Saturday night me and Lena dined out at Bonefish grill and had
waited a very long time to eat which was not too pleasant, and then
our food was delayed 30mins due to new cooks in the kitchen.
we got a free appetizer and dessert for the mishap.
Starbucks was our next stop for the night, caramel macchiato!!!

Denise, Lena's sister had invited us to go with her and her man to
Omalley's Sports bar to see a band play that she represents,
they were good they go by the name of ILLSTRUCK. It's always nice
to go to a venue and see my artwork there on a menu that I designed...

Scored some turkey legs at Windixie sunday morning!
wooorddd up!@

Friday, March 19, 2010

Optimum Nutrition Protein

100% Whey Protein. Optimum Nutrition is an awsome brand of protein.
it comes in tons of flavors, and it is the highest rated, award winning brand on the market. The Mocha Cappuccino flavor is fuckin awsome with chocolate milk, regular milk or water, It is also easy to stir in water rather then always have to use a shaker, or blender. I also have the chocolate mint flavor which is really good when mixed with milk, but with water it is not as strong. You can order it over on for the cheapest price anywhere, 5lbs for $42.99
lasts about a month or more depending on how many shakes a day you decide to drink.
I actually look forward to drinking this stuff when it is time...


Love it when it's Friday, car is clean, money ain't a thing and the day is absolutely perfect. Only problem is I am @ work.



Just got back from the gym and, my arm is still killing me from a few days ago...
but it looks really good, can't wait to go back next week for some more additions to my sleeve. Got allot going on lately with work, have a few projects I am working on right now, keeping busy.
Tonight going to Tequila Sunrise for dinner in Ft. Lauderdale, which is right around the corner from my place...I will definately post up a review and some pics of the food.
Tommorow I will be painting a mural in a co-worker's son's room. FUN! I am really excited about this because I have not painted a graffiti mural in ages and I have nice new colors to work with...
Have a great weekend everyone! see jewondaflipside

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday night I decided to go to my old neighborhood on N.E. 33RD St. right off A1A just north of Oakland Pk Blvd. My Friend Mendy happens to bartend at a fairly new Blue's and Jazz spot, by the name of
Blue Jean Blue's. I also happened to create the logo for the place.
It has been renovated recently and has a classy sound and feel.
this place is happening on Saturday nights. It has a nice jazz croud some young mostly older. In the clip you see Troy Anderson and his band playing some Narleans style Jazz..I sat around and enjoyed his music with the company of Lena and her sister, and some espresso...if you are into Jazz music you should definately stop in and check out the vibes... The pizza is good too!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday Night

My friend Lena and I, decided to go out to dinner.
We went to TJ's which is right by my place. We started off with a Kobe roll
which is the picture where it seems to be burried with crispy toppings,
it is seared tuna with some sauce on top. Then she ordered the sashimi dinner,
and I opted for the Tuna Steak which was awsome. Seared on the outside raw on the inside with three dipping sauces to chose from. A peanut sauce, ginger sauce, and
a wasabi cream sauce. TJ's is a great place it is dark, and mellow and they play cool music while you dine there. Service is also good.

When you are sober there are fun things to do at night on a friday like go to a
24hr walmart. And buy things you really need!
I got a garbage can and a laundry basket this time around...

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Zonda R

One of the coolest fuckin looking street cars available.
Watch Drool be in awe..

Thursday, March 11, 2010


last week I had been waiting to get my left arm worked on..
so a long time friend of mine Vince, who owns Colorfast Studios in Coral Springs hooked me up with some long lasting pain for a few hours. He free handed this piece in the pics. They shows the sketch, then the tattoo in progress. I am going back next week to get it worked on some more and he is also adding some color and flowers..


Snapped this at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park last weekend.


For the past months, I have become a nutritional nut job. I have purchased a road bike, and I have been cycling down a1a on my days off from the gym. It's a nice ride from Commercial down to Las Olas and back. Here are some of the Sunrise's I have caught on my weekend bike trips...


I have been busy lately with work, which is good.
Last night I had to deliver some menu's to my buddy Mikey who runs
a Greek style diner called University Grill in South Miami.
I had some lambchops, and he paid me and then I went home.