Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indy @ Homestead.

OK So I got some free tickets to the Indy races at my wonderful job. I decided to take Lena, and we made the treck down to homestead because neither one of us have ever been to an Indy race. There were tons of people there and the parking was like a mile walk, which I don't mind since it is good exercise an all...So anyhow we go to see the F-15's do a flyover and some fireworks to start the show, and the races started, Wow I was amazed! I was full of joy I must say It was something You have to experience at least once in your life. Those cars are something else. BUT!,. I cannot understand how anyone can sit there for more then 30 mins to an hour and watch them go round and round and round. long story short, we left after 20 mins. have a good weekend~!! OH YEA I almost forgot. Congratulations to my son Christian for getting 3rd place in his 4 wheeler off road race in Sebring that I could not make it to. Love ya!

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