Monday, September 7, 2009


I had high hopes for this album. But unfortunatley it doesnt get past
their single, "Day and Night". That's probably their only good track. There might be 2 or 3 more on the cd but I wouldn't pay for it. I didn't, I got it for free on the net. Maybe you will have a different opinion on it, I am picky when it comes to good music and this cd didn't pull me in on any track I just kept skipping tracks till I heard a good beat, then it was over.


  1. Track 2 may well win Record of the Year. Lyrics are off the chain in that song, and Ratatat's addition on the guitar are sick (Emile produced).

    Tracks 10 & 13 are the other Ratatat produced tracks. They're hot too.

    And you're forgetting tracks 8, 11 & 15.

    Give it two thorough listens and you might like it.