Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tuesday, I tagged along with the family and went down to South beach for the day.
We walked down A1A, then back up Washington Ave, it was hot as a mofo. Every store on Washington had the same lame ass clothing with sparkles and glitter.
It got to be annoying at one point. Then we finally got to our destination on Lincoln rd. Nexxt Cafe we had a decent early dinner, with chicken Marsala, Thai chicken pasta, and some big fruity salad my mom got. Food was good and the service wasn't bad either, it was just nice to get out of that heat. After we ate, we strolled into Romero Britto's gallery, I am fond of his art, and I snapped some pics while inside, I had to sneak them because I don't think you are suppose to take pictures while inside. On the way back towards the car my son Jewnior-(Chris) wanted to get gelato so we stopped for some smooth refreshing creamy ice cream that is called gelato...I had the rum-raisin it was really good I swallowed my cup full in 1 minute. Overall it was a pretty nice day
there weren't many people rubbing elbows with you on the sidewalks and it wasn't raining. Tonight it Rustic Inn! I cannot wait...

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