Friday, August 7, 2009


Friday started off at work with Bagels like every Friday,
but my boss got WHITEFISH today! the best!...I grabbed a fresh pumpernickel bagel and spreaded me some jewish tradition... I forget which deli she goes to
but they make some dam good whitefish spread. Then when lunch came around I ordered from my favorite Thai place close to my job, Siam Square. They have some real deal authentic Thai cuisine. I got the hot and sour soup, and wholy crap is it hot,
and is packed with allot of fresh ingredients, It's so hot, that you cannot stop eating it for some reason. It is addictive!..

Last night I scored these enormous NY Strips from the Publix on federal (US1) north of Commercial Blvd. They were at least 2 inches thick, I got some really good steak marinade, and broiled them for around 30 mins, These were some of the best home-cooked steaks I have ever eaten. I will never go to another butcher other then this one again!... SHALOM

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