Sunday, August 9, 2009


This weekend has been full of art for me. Between last night's shimding at the Cafe in Dania onto this afternoon. I went for a brief swim in the pool, then I went over to this little artsy block party. I live right across the street from this place,
and never have walked into it. Once inside it is a full blown art orgasm in a confined restaurant setting. I did not get to check the menu for the genre of food but I am sure it is good. I also noticed the styles of art will make you feel like you are in an old mtv video. It's allot of 80's style art. I would like to recommend an art site with allot of new inspiring artists and styles of art that you will not see in these parts, or I haven't for the least, check out, it is one of my favorite sites to follow up on every now and then the art is on another level compared to some of the generic art I see in South Fl, maybe I need to get down to Miami or something.... anyway enjoy the pics.

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