Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taste of The Nation!

caught my dad off gaurd :)
This event is always a pleasure to attend. It was held at The Rits Carlton Key Biscayne. I took my father out for the evening of food porn. It was a gastronomical dream to foodies and wine enthusiasts with a $100 or more for entry.
Luckily I work for the company that sponsors it and I walked in for nothing.
Allot of really good flavors were mashed with these originally created recipe's
from different chef's of local Miami restaurants. Enjoy the food porno pictures!
One last thing, to top the night off, the Rits's valet screwed up everyone's exit to a great evening by having retards try and find your car. Took us 40 minutes to finally get the crap out of there, and we got our $15 back, dam skippy!~

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