Friday, July 31, 2009


nice shirt, I am not sure when and where I drew that

Anthony's Coal Fire

I am pretty sure that anyone who reads this, has been to Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza.
If not, then go find one. Google it. Ive had many pie's from Anthony's
but never had the Broccoli Rabe with sausage, it may not look too appealing in the picture but it is really flavorful, packed with garlic, sausage and olive oil.
I definately recommend trying it next time you get a coal fired pizzzza!.

Just got done watching Fast and Furious, I didn't like it much in the beginning.
but it got a little better as the movie progressed. This one wasn't so much about the
cars like the last 3, It did have some good action throughout the film,
and the new girl that had Dom's attention is pretty hott. I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taste of The Nation!

caught my dad off gaurd :)
This event is always a pleasure to attend. It was held at The Rits Carlton Key Biscayne. I took my father out for the evening of food porn. It was a gastronomical dream to foodies and wine enthusiasts with a $100 or more for entry.
Luckily I work for the company that sponsors it and I walked in for nothing.
Allot of really good flavors were mashed with these originally created recipe's
from different chef's of local Miami restaurants. Enjoy the food porno pictures!
One last thing, to top the night off, the Rits's valet screwed up everyone's exit to a great evening by having retards try and find your car. Took us 40 minutes to finally get the crap out of there, and we got our $15 back, dam skippy!~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TNT tonight

Dark Blue and Leverage are my two new favorite shows on TNT
wednesday night, gives me something to look forward to, I have no HBO.
8:00 Leverage starts, then DARK BLUE, it is the sheeeaaaat...

Wednesday Nizzy

My orchids are bloomin, these are for Lena really...
Hope she likes em. So since I am all bymyself, I decided to
go to Lemongrass once again because It is very close by and not too expensive.
I wanted to try something else on the menu this time and I chose
something incredibly tantalizing. The seafood ceviche consisted of
generously large peices of sliced fish, lime juice, jalapenos,
iceburg lettuce, avocado, and I'm sure there were more ingredients
but I didn't have a chance to get them all down. This was a dish I
will definately return for. I have pics I will upload later.


Some Koshness.
I had a decent day at work got some designs done, and some work
but work has been slow lately.
Also had a fun lunch...If you haven't tried the
Boars Head horesraddish cheddar yet, go and get it. Nuff said

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I went to eat dinner at Billy's diner "Peter Pan" and had
a greek skirt, "skirt steak with feta cheese and raw onions on top"
then I strolled over to my old hood on 33rd Street to
see what was going on with the new block party they have on Sunday's
Big 105.9 had a booth set up there, and there were street venders.
The crowd was building when I left. Music was good and I got to see
a few old friends.

It's Sunday BEEAACH!

I woke up early again, like usual and decided to go to the beach,
It was easy to park since no one was there at 8:00am
I layed out for like 40 minutes, and then left it was too hott,
I came back to my place and went to the pool for a little bit longer.
Then Court sent me a text seeing If I wanted to have lunch.
We went to Quarterdeck, I had the clam chowder and a caribbean cob salad
which was pretty good. On the way back home, I spotted Billy
over at The Italian Bakery next to Martorano, and had
a macchiato

it was good. Then the rain started to roll in...
Laundry time!


I woke up early and went furniture shopping. I went to Walmart
and I found a cool little table and two chairs for my front patio,
and also picked up a nice orchid. A friend of mine by the name of Court
told me where to find a Bonsai tree which I have always wanted.

There is a cool little nursery off Cistrunk and US1 on the corner
I found two nicely priced plants there.


Welcome to the JEW REVIEW, Where I Joey the Jew, will
be blogging about New and different things,
like, new movies, restaurants, new products, things like that.

This weekend I have been without my girlfriend Lena, she is in Greece
for another week, so I have been alone.

On Friday night I decided to go and try a restaurant called Lemongrass.
It is a Thai/Sushi spot off Federal North of Oakland Pk Blvd,
I was suprised. The Kobe roll was ridiculous, and I also had a
super spider roll which was also really good. The lychee iced tea was
also really good and different. Atmosphere was also an A.
I definately recommend this spot.